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Here are the recs from the Harry Potter panel at #contxt2016. We're missing a few (at the end) so if anyone has links, please provide them! Thanks!

Amateur Cartography by worksofstone
The Boy Who Only Lived Twice by lettered (secret identity)
Collared by KateKintail (sorry, self-rec, but someone mentioned werewolf culture fics so...)
Crossing Lines by Ren (solving mystery on train)
Dose of Your Own by OurLoveIsForever (Draco/Astoria)
Drink Up Thy Zider: A South Hams Pomona by wemyss
Golden Age by zeitgeistic (faire_weather) (Hufflepuffs save the world!)
Hogwarts: A (Marvelous) History, or: Thor and Loki's Excellent Adventure by altilis (Marvel/HP crossover with Thor as Godric Gryffindor and Loki as Salazar Slytherin)
Like None Other verse by aspeninthesunlight
A Little More Time by Jess Pallas (Teddy travels back in time and rescues Remus & Tonks)
Little Red Courgette by blamebrampton
The Maddest House by busaikko (also available in podfic)
Momenti Diversi by zarah5
The Pure and Simple Truth by lettered
Seven Days in June Series by fourth_rose (Draco is a tour guide in Vienna)
The Shoebox Project by Lady Jaida and Rave (AMAZING Marauders collab with art)
StealingHarryverse by copperbadge (Stealing Harry, Laocoon's Children, etc.)
Tale of a Time Long Gone by Star of the North (epic awesome Foundersfic)
Theft of Assets, Destruction of Property by Helenish
Turn by Sara's Girl (soooooooo good)
Two Lockets by ac1d6urn (Acid), Sinick (Good magical realism)

Anything by These Authors:
Anything by ac1d6urn
Anything by Azoth
Anything by dicta_contrion
Anything by Sinick

Harry/Draco memory fics (Some memory charm fics in general)
Dudley/Millicent fics
Remus/Sirius/Tonks exists!

The Adventure (Neville-centric)

DADA's Recs List
The Harry Potter Daisy Chain of Awesome- crazy random pairings
Harry Potter et. al. May Madness- pr0n fest every May
How Wizards Do Money- TheBillfold.com
ink-splotch Tumblr
The Wotcher Wolfstar reclist OF DOOM!

My Immortal read by Wizard Rocker Tianna and the Cliffhangers aka I Speak Tree (laughed so hard I cried)
The Maddest House Series read by busaikko, greeniron
The Maddest House read by randomicicle
PotterFicWeekly (is the best!)

Astoria Greengrass and the Pure-Blood Prince by Swish & Flick (and anything by them)
Nobody Expects the Blibbering Humdingers by the Blibbering Humdingers
The Prince's Tale by Lauren Fairweather
Songs from Beedle the Bard by the Butterbeer Experience
We Are Magic by Tonks and the Aurors

Need Links For:
A Secret Chord, Part One: The Minor Fall by a-merry-chase (gone from LJ)
Maybe stuff by theregoesmygun (deleted from LJ)
Square Pegs by violet_quill (also gone from LJ)
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Anybody want to do a post-con DW friending spree? Here is your chance!

If you just want to leave a comment and say 'friend me', that's fine, if you want a questionnaire, here:

DW name:
I'm also at:
At con.txt 2016?
My preferred internet home is:
I post:
I'd like to add people who:
I add back people who:
I would like you to know:
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So I showed a bunch of Takarazuka (all-female Japanese musicals) @con-txt and I promised people I’d give them a rundown online so they can explore more. Here it is!

“Guys and Dolls” from the 2002 Moon Troupe aka Tsukigumi production starring Shibuki Jun

The TI Project sampler disk (http://ti-project.livejournal.com/19814.html) skipping Quiz Hexagon, The Flower Halftime Show, The Lovers’ Suicide, Tale of Two Cities and Phantom.

Cocktail (http://ti-project.livejournal.com/38752.html) skipping the Tequila basketball number.

This tango number to Libertango starring Yoka Wao and Hanafusa Mari https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euBei_vd5L8

Hikari to Kage from Legend of the Galactic Heroes, aka the “Let me dubcon you into accepting my fealty and also my glowing prosthetic eye” number. (No, seriously, it’s amazing, watch it.) http://amuseoffyre.tumblr.com/post/58527774294/yukinojou-drcalvin-hikari-to-kage-yuumi

Yami ga Hirogaru (the “Let me seduce you, young prince, I am male but Death and therefore this isn’t gay, but it totally is” number) from, I believe but am not sure, the 1996 Star Troupe aka Hoshigumi production of Elisabeth https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KcE8cN4OXbo

(Note: Sorry to everyone who made awesome suggestions that I didn’t use this time. I haven’t been able to find the clips you suggested, but I’ll keep looking!)


Jul. 30th, 2016 12:29 pm
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Greetings from Con.Txt! Anyone out there? Feel free to post supplemental info/links/recs/etc.
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At Con.txt, I moderated the Asexuality Roundtable panel (which had 10 to 20 people attending, much better than I expected for the last panel on the last day, especially when scheduled against the hockeyfic panel), and promised a resource post.

I've posted it here at my Dreamwidth.
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Does anyone have notes from the Inverted Tropes panel, or pictures of the notes created in the panel? I missed it and forgot to take a picture myself.

I did take pics of the Night Vale notes and will post those when I have a minute.
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A very good suggestion was made at the Dead Duck regarding mentoring or in some way helping out newbies to the con, helping them find their way into conversations and such.

I think this is a great idea. However, I also think it's way outside the scope of what the ConCom should be doing. So, I thought that I would volunteer (as someone who knows just how hard it is to take that step by yourself) to set up a group of us willing to handhold, mentor, or whatever.

I know that we're two years out from the next Con.txt (Whaaaaaah) but I thought if we got the bare bones organized now, it would be easier to get going as the next one gets closer.

Anyone interested?
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Someone was pimping another local, gen-friendly slash con, and mentioned it during Dead Duck, but I forgot to get any info on it. Does someone have the name of the fan, the con or a link to share?

[admin post] Admin Post: Welcome!

Jun. 14th, 2014 05:00 pm
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Welcome to the Con.Txt chat community! This comm is for Con.Txt attendees to chat before, during, and after the con--it's not run by the concomm. For official Con.Txt news, please visit the [community profile] con_txt community.
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